Portrait - Dr. Fricker, Superintendent of Temple City Unified School District

Dear TCUSD Community,

We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and communities devastated by acts of hate.  This act exacerbates the recent rise in hate crimes against a variety of minority groups including Asian American / Pacific Islanders, Armenian Americans, Black Americans and Hispanic Americans.  The act of hate, violence or maltreatment of any individual, or group of individuals within our community cannot be overlooked.

The Black Lives Matter movement has rightfully brought the violent, aggressive and ill-effects that result from supremacy and supremist ideals into the national spotlight. We know that wherever there is the belief that one person or group of people who feel or believe that are better than or supreme over another, there will be a culture of non-acceptance, oppression, and hate which results in systematic racism.  Therefore, we must not allow racism and hatred directed toward any individual or group of individuals.  These unfortunate events of hate and violence reinforce the urgency with which we must unite around a common goal.  Our goal is to speak out against injustices, non-acceptance and acts of systemic racism and focus on leading and fostering acceptance, equity and inclusion in our workplace, schools and community to counteract and dismantle systemic racism. 

In order to create this transformation in our society our primary objective is to create schools that foster the belief that all individuals have value and should be provided the protections and provisions to live, learn and thrive in a health and accepting environment.  Schools that are free of systemic racism and that challenge inequality, inaccessibility and intolerance can begin to address the basic needs of ALL children, and allow students to develop their full potential.  We believe that schools play a critical role in combating racism in all forms, and I encourage our educators to leverage opportunities to speak with students about xenophobia and the importance of exhibiting the acceptance of others.  Our District is deeply committed to our mission, vision and protections of others. 

In order for our Districts to improve equity for students and staff, we must first take an honest assessment of our current practices, programs, and content. Collecting and analyzing District data will allow us to unpack some of the root causes of existing inequities and help to make the impactful decision to chart the course of correction toward inclusivity.  TUCSD will annually garner stakeholder feedback and review both quantitative and qualitative data, in addition to evaluating our curricular offerings, policies, practices and procedures.  Our goal will be to identify the areas of strength, areas of growth, progress made over time and recommended action steps aligned to the domains below: 

TCUSD condemns ALL acts of hate toward individuals and groups of individuals and stands in solidarity with focus and commitment to end systemic racism for ALL.

Kimberly Fricker Ed. D.

Superintendent Forum

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