Portrait - Dr. Fricker, Superintendent of Temple City Unified School District

Start of School Message

Dear Staff, students and parents, Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! This year will be a year to overcome obstacles, break barriers and travers unchartered territory for the Temple City community. I am truly honored to serve as Superintendent of the Temple City Unified School District and thank you for the genuine support you have extended to me and my team. I have a deep commitment to strengthen the educational opportunities for all students.

We are committed to preparing students to be successful throughout their K-12 experience and in their post-graduation studies or work, to be engaged citizens, and to be productive contributors to their world. Throughout the summer our administrative staff and instructional staff has continue to redefine our scope of practice to fully implement a robust online educational platform. Our focus has remained firmly on creating high quality instructional practices and learning activities that are enhanced through equitable access to technology. Throughout the upcoming school year, we will continue to refine our practice and enhance the online learning opportunities that our students have access to. We envision that teachers and students will utilize technology to communicate, think critically, and solve relevant problems and are committed to supporting students, teachers, and families in these shifts to virtual teaching and learning.

In addition, The Temple City Unified School District is developing a Comprehensive Plan to guide the district’s work regarding access, equity and social justice. A team of teachers, parents, and administrators will continue to work to identify needs and develop priorities, including: District Culture, Instructional Practice, Social and Emotional Learning, and Civic Learning.

I see the tremendous opportunities for us to continue to grow as an educational community. We all serve as essential partners in every child’s success in school; we value and encourage involvement from all stakeholders, and I am confident that with the development of a district culture that promotes equity, access, collaborative relationships and continuous growth, we will flourish. Thank you,

Kimberly Fricker Ed. D. Superintendent of Schools Temple City Unified School District