About us

Our Vision

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Temple City Unified School District, in partnership with our surrounding community, provides meaningful opportunities to all students while maintaining a nurturing and safe learning environment in which we embrace diversity and collaboration.

Our Mission

Temple City Unified School District will provide a rigorous comprehensive education in a nurturing environment that embraces the diversity of all students.

Core Values

Integrity | Service | Respect

At a glance


District Overview

The Temple City Unified School District was established as a unified school district on July 1, 1954. A six-member board with five elected to staggered, four-year terms governs the District. The Governing Board is the policy-making body; the superintendent is the chief executive officer.

The District is located in the West San Gabriel Valley, approximately five miles southeast of Pasadena and 13 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The District includes within its boundaries most of the incorporated City of Temple City, as well as small portions of San Gabriel and Arcadia, and some unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The District encompasses approximately four square miles.

The District maintains one comprehensive high school (9-12), one alternative high school (10-12), one alternative junior academy (7-9), one intermediate school, four elementary schools, an early learning academy, a virtual academy and an adult education school. The population of the District's service area is approximately 35,000. The District employs approximately 390 full-time personnel and about 350 part-time staff. School districts are labor-intensive organizations. If insurance and building funds are excluded, 86% of expenditures are for salaries and employee-related benefits.

The California Education Code and both State and Federal laws regulate District programs and activities. Some programs are mandated while others are permissive. The identification of required versus optional programs provides a basis for budget priority setting. The following positions/departments report directly to the superintendent: school principals, assistant superintendent, personnel services; instructional services, and chief business official.

Our Mission (Expanded)

We are student centered. We offer all of our students the opportunity to develop the critical thinking and conflict resolution skills they need to become productive contributors to our society through…

  1. rigorous and relevant curriculum enhanced by innovation and creativity.
  2. safe learning environments, which promote educational, emotional and physical whole child development.
  3. college and career readiness programs. 
  4. positive community engagement.

We prioritize the development of the whole child by …

  1. providing character education to all students.
  2. instilling respect for others and ownership of work product.
  3. promoting collaborative teamwork through academics, arts, activities, and athletics.

We support a transparent and collaborative culture where various stakeholders participate in the shared decision-making process.

Belief Statements

1. Each student is unique and capable of learning.

2. Our staff continuously improves their knowledge and engages in activities that enhance their effectiveness as educators.

3. We will seek to develop innovative and creative strategies that enhance the educational climate.

4. Schools are welcoming places which provide a nurturing, healthy and safe learning environment that ensures the educational, emotional, and physical development of all of our students.

5. Self-esteem and self-respect are derived through positive academic, artistic, athletic, and extra-curricular experiences.

6. We believe students are our first priority.

7. We believe in integrity, diversity, and respect for all.

8. We believe students need a positive, nurturing environment.

9. We believe student, family, and community engagement are critical for our success.

10. We believe in a truly collaborative environment where staff members work together.