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  • PTA is California’s largest Children’s Advocacy Association working to improve the lives of all children and their families.

    PTA members within the Temple City Unified School District are a group of individuals growing together and making a difference. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have renewed your membership in and/or joined the PTA. The support that we, as PTA, provide to the schools with our volunteer members is immeasurable. Thank you for your time, commitment and dedication and thank you for helping to make PTA the greatest parent involvement group in the nation! Joining your local PTA gives you the added benefit of belonging to California State and National PTA which are made up of caring people from diverse backgrounds, who tirelessly advocate for the education, health and welfare of all children. Together we form a network of members providing a powerful voice for all children. Although PTA still faces many challenges ahead in California, we will persevere and achieve great things for our children.  We will continue to sponsor many fun-filled activities for students. We know that the enrichment provided through field trips, assemblies, youth development trips, health education programs and Performing Arts activities is so valuable. Help us spread the word about what PTA does to advocate for all children and enhance their learning environment! Recruit your friends and family who have not yet joined and we will all work together to provide a caring and enriching education experience for all students in our Great School District! 


    Reflections is a National PTA program which demonstrates student creativity in visual arts, music, literature and photography, dance choreography and film/video production. This year the Temple City PTA Council will give awards for outstanding interpretations of the 2017-2018 Reflections theme:

    “Within Reach”

California Congress of PTA

  • President, California State PTA
    Dianna McDonald
    2327 L Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816-5014

    President, First District PTA
    Sandy Russell
    1008 S. 8th St. – Moor Field
    Alhambra, CA 91801
    (626) 289-1448

2018-2019 Scholarship Sponsors

  • Thank you to the following generous businesses for helping Temple City High School graduating seniors to continue their education beyond high school!

    • Transtech Engineers, Inc.
    • Temple City Education Center
    • RE/MAX Titanium
    • Golden State Water Company
    • Dr. Tai Mao
    • California Consumer Lending
    • Foothill Credit Union
    • Temple City Animal Hospital 
    • Rose Donuts
    • Dr. Dave Huang
    • Dr. Ken Cheung

    Special thanks to our parent donors for their support!

    • Irene Chen
    • Lily Zhu
    • Richard and Emily Chia
    • Elena Li
    • Bihua Liang

PTA Officers

  • President
    Mary Saxon (626) 353-4327
    First Vice President - Program
    Harmony Plantenga (626) 407-5843
    Second Vice President – Budget & Finance
    Shelley Scanlan (626) 833-4447
    Third Vice President – Vol. Coord.
    Fourth Vice President – Membership
    Julie Clemetson (626) 664-2941
    Fifth Vice President – Hospitality
    Cynthia Mendoza (310) 413-5626
    Sixth Vice President – Health & Welfare
    Jihan Castellanos (626) 975-6904
    Trish O’Brien (626) 379-4946
    Julie Bowman (626) 437-5217
    Michele Yoder (626) 840-0998
    Dawn Duhamel (626) 716-5491

PTA Chairmen

  • Founders Day Chairwoman
    TBA (626) 353-4327
    Honorary Service Awards
    Gina Aparicio (626) 664-4241
    vacant (626) 353-4327
    Melissa Rains (626) 808-3846
    Teresa Huang (626) 429-0372
    Snack Bar - Shopper/ Inventory
    MyLinh Ngo (626) 500-7078
    Snack Bar - Volunteer Support
    TBA (626) 353-4327
    Snack Bar - Setup/ Restock
    TBA (626) 353-4327
    Snack Bar- Clean Up
    vacant (626) 353-4327