Opening Of School 2021/2022

The Temple City Virtual Academy starts up on Wednesday August 25th!

 On Tuesday August 24th teachers will be reaching out to students with an access link so everyone can enter their Virtual classes on Wednesday. 

TK-6th Grades

Elementary students will meet virtually at 8:30 the first day using the access code sent to them the night before. Teachers will review what a typical week looks like and will have activities for all the kids so they get to know each other. Maybe even a surprise drop in from the principal. 

7th -12th grade

Classes will begin at 10:00. (Normally the first couple hours of the day are for math help or independent work.)

Homeroom teachers will be sending home an access link on Tuesday afternoon.  At 10:00 students will log in to their Homeroom. The teacher will explain what Independent Study is about. The teacher will also begin enrolling the student in his or her core classes. They will also decide what elective(s) they are taking. Students will also get to know the others in their grade level who have chosen to learn remotely in the TC Virtual Academy. 


We can’t wait to meet everyone!!