About English Language Development

  • The goal of the ELD program is to assist English Learners new to the country in achieving native like fluency so they can successfully complete high school and move on to college.  Our teachers use ELD and SDAIE methodology and strategies to improve student listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    ELD Coordinator and Vanessa Hadikusumah 
    ELD Administrative Aide: Zoreh Wong


    Lynn Alvarez - ELD 1
    Wenni Seidell - ELD 2
    Vanessa Hadikusumah - ELD 3
    Jessica Shunkey - English 1 Sheltered
    Viggen Avedessian - Biology Sheltered
    Angie Huang - Earth Science Sheltered
    Anthony Russell - World History/Geography Sheltered
    Riley Saxon - U.S. History Sheltered
    Robin Selders- Government / Economics Sheltered

    Contact Vanessa Hadikusumah
    Voicemail: 626-548-5040
    Email:  vhadikusumah@tcusd.net