What is STEAM?

  • In this climate of economic uncertainty, America is once again turning to innovation as the way to ensure a prosperous future.

    Yet innovation remains tightly coupled with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – the STEM subjects. Art + Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century.

    We need to add Art + Design to the equation — to transform STEM into STEAM. Click here to learn more. 

  • La Rosa

    • Classified STEAM Rep: CS First Coding - Dee Moreno
    • STEAM Club - Lauren McAlister


    • Science Olympiad - JM Leeming, Nikki Oh


    • FLL Robotics - Amy Gerling
    • Science Olympiad - Michelle Conzonaire


    • FLL Robotics - Nikki Shifter, Debbie Dorazlo
    • Science Olympiad - Lisa Taylor, Karen Hsieh, Ann Thompson
    • Odyssely of the Mind - Darren Basgall, Steven Saito


    • Classified STEAM Rep - Jeanette Johnson
    • FTC Robotics - Ken Powel, Marlisse Reina, Winnie Joe, Cathryn VanGorder 
    • Science Olympiad - Marlisse Reina, Winnie Joe
    • Odyssey of the Mind - Jeanette Johnson, Emma Zamora, Ann Montiglio


    • FTC Robotics – Elias Bourjelli
    • Science Olympiad - Kevin Slattery
    • JPL Ocean Bowl - Annie Hwang
    • American Scholastic Math Association (ASMA), American Mathematical Association (AMA) - Nancy Bulgin
    • JPL Science Bowl - Hank Bailey
    • JPL Advanced Challenge - Dave Dickie


    • STEAM Club - Reggie Rios
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