• Dear Temple City families,

    I am proud and excited to be serving as the Principal of Temple City High School.  I know from experience that each of us in the Temple City community embraces the duty of supporting, connecting with, teaching, and nurturing every child. As we approach the start of another school year, I ask you to remember what has made Temple City High School a special place for kids and learning. It is our mission to maintain the highest expectations for our students while also providing each of them the time, space, and supports necessary to allow them to flourish. 

    High school is an important time in the lives of our students. Our children navigate a complex world that is bombarding them with conflicting messages about themselves and the world. And yet, the start of each school year is a special time that is filled with the promise of unlimited potential. I am enthusiastic about the prospects of the upcoming academic year and the rewards it has to offer our students and their families. 

    We, the Temple City staff made of teachers, counselors, custodians, clerical staff and para educators, wish to thank our families for entrusting us with this responsibility. 


    Richard Lohman