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    Mr Hudson         Hello! My name is Taylor Hudson and I teach English here at Temple City High School.

    Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Middle of three brothers. Played basketball and volleyball at San Marcos High School. Began playing music (drums and piano) in middle school. Attended Azusa Pacific University as a music student, but finished with a BA in Philosophy. Returned to APU for my M.A. Ed. Began my teaching career in Santa Barbara Unified and currently serve the students at TCUSD (love it here!). I enjoy playing music (rock & jazz), reading science fiction and philosophy, and driving at night. Getting married next month! Excited to continue my career as an educator here at Temple City High School.

    Know Your Why (adapted from Michael Jr.). I encourage all my students to know why they do the things (the what's in their lives) they do. When students know their why, their what has more purpose and meaning. I make a conscious effort to explain why we study the material we cover/discuss in class and how it is relevant and can be applied to students' lives both as a student and members of a community. My goal each year is that students leave my classroom better and more informed individuals.

    My Teaching Schedule
    AP Lang (P. 1 & 2) -- Humanities (P. 3, 4, 6)
    626-548-5040 (ext. 1204)
    Room 204
    If you are my student, Go to my Google Classroom here! --- all my current students are enrolled
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