Mrs. Zurla - Math

 Carol Zurla



Degrees and Certifications:

Carol Zurla

Room 209


Phone: Ext. 1209

  • My Teaching Philosophy

    I believe all students have a right to learn, blossom, and be able to express themselves respectfully.  As an educator I want to provide students a safe, fun, and loving environment to learn in. I want students to look forward to coming to my class and enjoy the learning process.

    My classroom environment is welcoming with lots of positive energy, respect, love, and patience.  I give my students love and praise daily. Students work as a community in my classroom and build upon one another’s achievements.  When one student earns praise, the entire community is rewarded. They all help one another daily. It is amazing to see how students become one community of learners as they work together for common goals.

    I provide students with different learning strategies.  Some students learn better with hands-on activities while others learn better by writing things down and practicing on paper.  There are those who need visuals, prompts, presentations, acting out the scenarios, or watching a demonstration on video. Students are encouraged to express their ideas in writing (on their white board desks), in their notebooks, with one another in small groups, with the community by going to the front boards as well as speaking in large groups, and volunteering to be part of demonstrations in front of the class.  I provide these different teaching strategies to ensure I fulfill the needs of my different learners.

    I become a better teacher each day by learning from my students as they share their ideas.  Students share their experiences and techniques they have learned. I gather and reflect on those experiences and techniques to grow and introduce them to my other classes.  I provide a body of water for my curious learners and they create ripples every day!

    My goals as a teacher is to ensure that all students succeed to the best of their abilities, motivate them to want to succeed in all that they do, be respectful and be their best.  I have met these goals by providing a safe and fun learning environment and modeling to them daily. I want to continue to improve on what I do daily. I will learn from my students as I reflect from their feedback on my overall teaching style.  I love teaching and it is transparent in my classroom! 

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