Mr. Nate Slaymaker

Mr. Nate Slaymaker



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Mr. Nate Slaymaker

My name is Nate Slaymaker. I am a TCHS graduate, class of 2000.

I have attended Azusa Pacific University, Cal State University - Los Angeles, and Concordia University. After a few years working as a youth pastor at Temple City Nazarene Church, I have been working at Temple City High School since 2010. I was a Braille Transcriber for one year before becoming the teacher of the visually impaired. In 2016, I transferred from the Special Education Department to the Math Department and I am current the math department chair person.

I have a passion for helping students be successful in all areas of life. I beleive that students learn best when they are taught holistically. A student that is struggling in matters not related to education will have a hard time learning. Math is not the favorite subject of many students, but I find that once a good rapport is built, students are more engaged and more likely to put forth their best efforts. That desire to help students holistically has also lead me to be our school's Link Crew Coordinator for the past seven years. Our Link Crew program has grown and I now also teach a class on Leadership to a selected group of Link Leaders.

I am also a foster parents and I have fostered three teenagers through to their adult years. I currently have one foster son who has been with me for four years. He graduated from TCHS and attends Pasadena City College.

I currently teach Algebra 1, Geometry, AP Calculus, and the Link Crew Leadership classes.

I can be reached most quickly at

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