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Mrs. Colleen Pieri



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Mrs. Colleen Pieri

I love Spanish. I have been at Temple City High School for 25 years teaching beginning levels through advanced Spanish. I studied Spanish in high school like my students, but I also lived overseas in Mexico and Colombia for about six years. Additionally, I have traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Spain learning about the culture and language. I currently teach Spanish I, III and AP.

During the first year of Spanish, students learn how to communicate on a variety of topics using basic vocabulary and grammar. They will also learn about Latin culture. All four modalities (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are emphasized through different teaching strategies. Throughout the year students learn more than a thousand vocabulary words. All students with a grade of C or higher are qualified to move on to Spanish II.

The third year of Spanisåh is when the students move into more complex forms of communication. They learn to read, write, listen and speak at a higher level. They learn many new vocabulary words, grammar and culture. Students have the opportunity on a daily basis to practice their skills with the language. Throughout the year, students do some projects and essays for alternative assessments. Students with a B grade or higher are qualified to advance to AP Spanish.

The AP Spanish Language Course is a college level class conducted entirely in Spanish. The students are expected to be able to:

  • Understand written sources such as web sites, news, articles, letters, instructions and literature.
  • Express orally and in written form opinions, information and instructions in a variety of registers. They learn to persuade, argue, describe, infer and convince.
  • Understand the spoken language as they converse with peers, teachers and native speakers. Also, they develop the ability to understand a variety of media sources such as radio, Internet and television from throughout the Spanish speaking world.
  • They grow in their understanding of Spanish and Latin cultures and geography.
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