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Dawn Neufeld

Welcome to TCHS! I teach English 3 and AP Language and Composition at Temple City High School.  All classes will be using Google Classroom this year. Please visit that site for more

  • Course Description for AP Lang & Comp:

    Welcome to AP English Language and Composition! You are about to embark on a journey of language discovery. In order to do that, we will examine rhetoric. In short, rhetoric is “the art, practice, and study of human communication" (Andrea Lunsford). 

    We will analyze the choices writers make in assembling their works, and in turn, we will become more aware of the decisions we make in our own writing. 

    One of our primary goals will be to write on demand with confidence; to articulate and defend an argument; to identify, analyze and evaluate the rhetorical strategies of selected authors; and to support a claim by synthesizing a variety of sources. 

    Your voice matters in your writing, so we will work on strategies that enhance your unique perspective, word choice and organization. We will THINK, PROCESS, and offer INFORMED OPINIONS based on our reading, observations, and experiences.

    To better prepare you for the rigors of college writing, and to prepare you for the AP English Language and Composition Examination, our class will primarily analyze non-fiction pieces, such as speeches and essays. However, this class is also an American Literature class, so we will use fictional pieces to augment our understanding of language and craft, examining how this literature is constructed, and for what purpose. Since most of what we read will come from American authors, this course also seeks to explore what it means to be an American, especially in terms of personal identity.  We will also examine international, national, and local issues to become better-informed global citizens. What you read shapes how you think about the world, whether it is history or story. And it shapes how you look at, and think about, people in the world too.

    Students are strongly encouraged to take the AP Exam in May, since many colleges consider AP scores in the admissions process, and most colleges and universities grant college units for passing scores. Obviously, there will be plenty of reading and writing in this class, and the demands are high. My best advice is to keep up, and build your confidence through nothing less than hard work.

    Class Description for English 3:

    This class introduces students to significant works of the literary imagination, guides their development in language and composition, and encourages them to read attentively, reflect deeply, write logically, and express themselves coherently.

    Assignments will cover the following types of writing: Research, Argument, Analytical, Synthesis, Personal Narrative.

    Teaching Philosophy:

    I believe that students should have a safe and encouraging environment in which to learn and take risks. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

    626-548-5040  ext. 105

    The Neufelds


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