Ms. Leila J Herman

Phone: 626-548-5040 Room 106


Degrees and Certifications:

(2000) Point Loma Nazarene University, Masters of Arts Pupil Personnel Services (1994) Single Subject Teaching Credential (1992) University of Southern California, Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (1986) Temple City High School

Ms. Leila J Herman

Hello and Welcome! I have been teaching at Temple City High School as part of the English Language Arts Department since 1995. I currently teach two classes English 3 and Teen Living. Each class will utilize Google Classroom for announcements, calendar postings, assignments and other classroom related content. If you're a student and don't already have a TCUSD Google account up and running, please see one of our site administrators, secretaries, or your school counselor. If you're a parent, please contact TCHS' main office and let them know that you need help getting your parent account set up.

English 3 This class introduces students to significant works of the literary imagination, guides their development in language and composition, and encourages them to read attentively, reflect deeply, write logically, and express themselves creatively.

During the course of this year, you will: 1)Study the processes of writing and improve your own writing process. 2)Learn to assess the different kinds of requirements that are involved in different kinds of writing assignments. 3)Demonstrate proficiency in writing arguments that draw on a number of sources for support.4)Understand the basics of research, including interview techniques, the use of various resources in the Media Center, the use of the Internet, and MLA documentation style. 5)Students will demonstrate mastery in the use of MLA documentation through the writing of researched arguments. 6)Apply critical thinking and sound logic in arguing a position. 7)Understand and exercise the criteria that teachers use to evaluate strong writing, and to use those criteria consistently in evaluating your own work and the work of your peers. 8) Learn to avoid the most common errors in grammar/usage.

Teen Living This course is designed to provide students with a brief survey of many important and complicated issues facing teens today. Students will learn organizational and time management skills, Communication skills, goal setting, and how to manage homework and extra-curricular activities. Also explored are attitudes, friendships, stress, peer pressure, suicide prevention, grief and grieving, human sexuality, dating, and parenting. Students will care for a life-like infant for a five day period. Several pieces of literature are incorporated into this curriculum.