About the Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is the policy-making body for the Temple City Unified School District. It is comprised of five elected members and one appointed student member. Elected board members serve four-year terms and the student member serves a one-year term.

    Board Members must be qualified electors residing within the boundaries of the District. Elections are held biennially. Three board members are elected one year. Two years later, two other Board members are elected. The student member is elected by the Associated Student Body of Temple City High School.

    Notice Regarding Board Elections:

    In an effort to consolidate board elections with the statewide general election, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a change that allows the District to hold elections on even numbered years instead of the previously set odd numbered year. Effective November 2018, Board member elections will be held on the first Tuesday, following the first Monday, in November of even numbered years.



  • Compensation & Benefits

    TCUSD's Board members receive a monthly compensation of $240 and the District pays $9,000 towards the cost of health and welfare benefits for Board members. Not all Board members take full advantage of the District's benefit contribution; unused monies are returned to the District's unrestricted General Fund.

  • Meet the Board

    Donna Georgino
    Term: 2018-2022

    Ms. Georgino was elected to the Board of Education in 2018. A proud alumna of Temple City schools and parent to a 2011 TCHS graduate, she is committed to serving the community and helping students succeed. Her previous public service work includes a 25-year career as director of parks and recreation for the City of Duarte. Ms. Georgino seeks to leverage her municipal experience to pursue collaborative agreements with the City of Temple City that are beneficial to the students and community.




    Kenneth Knollenberg
    Term: 2011-2020

    Mr. Knollenberg has served on the Board of Education since 2011. He is a lifelong resident of Temple City and attended Temple City schools. He is a retired civil engineer who worked 31 years as a civilian employee for the United States Navy. Mr. Knollenberg also served on a Credit Union Supervisory Committee for over 35 years.



    Dr. Mike Lin
    Term: 2018-2022

    Dr. Lin was elected to the Board of Education in 2018. A former Wall Street software project manager, he decided to pursue a career in education following the tragic events of 9/11 and is now a principal in neighboring San Marino. Dr. Lin has been highly involved in the Temple City school community. His 16-year educational career includes a four-year post as principal of La Rosa Elementary. Dr. Lin has played an active role on the Temple City Schools Foundation and was recognized with the PTA Honorary Service Award in 2014.




     Melissa Espinoza
    Term: 2019-2020

    Melissa Espinoza was appointed to the Board of Education in July 2019.  She and her husband, Roger have two children currently attending Temple City High School.  Mrs. Espinoza has formerly served two terms as PTA President as well as other PTA Board and chairperson positions and at the PTA Council level.  She was recognized with an Honorary Service Award in 2015.  Professionally, Mrs. Espinoza spent 27 years working in the private sector as a Senior Vice President and Human Resources Manager for Bank of America.  Since 2017, she has been employed by LAUSD as a Supervising Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator in their Office of General Counsel.  Mrs. Espinoza has a passion for positively impacting K-12 education, supporting the development of all students and the engagement of the community in the process.



    Matt Smith
    Term: 2018-2020

    Prior to winning re-election in 2018, Mr. Smith served a 15-year term on the Temple City Board of Education (1998-2013). He and his wife Janet have lived in Temple City for 36 years, and together raised three sons who all received a TCUSD education. Mr. Smith has the express desire to provide all children access to a high-quality, well-rounded education in a pleasant and safe community. He is also involved in numerous Temple City High School volunteer activities including Band Booster and Grad Nite.