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Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Degree in Social Justice in Education - Cal State Fullerton Single-Subject Teaching Credential in English - Cal Poly Pomona Bachelor's Degree in Journalism - Cal Poly Pomona

Mrs. Lynn Alvarez


Hello, I teach English 2H and English Language Development (ELD) 1. English 2H is a sophomore honors English class where students are challenged to master academic skills at the highest level of Webb's Depth of Knowledge. ELD 1 is an English class for emergent bilingual students from different parts of the world who come to class with diverse, rich funds of knowledge.

I'm also the adviser of the Templar Yearbook. I am proud of my yerds who lead and collaborate with each other in a learning environment of reciprocal teaching.

Education Philosophy

The purpose of education is to provide all my students an opportunity to grow into independent learners and problem-solvers in the real-world context. My instructional curriculum is consistently modified to maintain relevance in students’ lives. To ensure students develop into independent learners who can effectively navigate the world, I design structured learning environments with student-centered activities, such as problem-based learning assignments where students discover and construct their knowledge while I am the facilitator, and at the same time, supporting the development of the whole child, including their mental and emotional well-being. When students reach their potential in life, they are able to look beyond their own learning experiences and become active problem-solvers, agents of social justice, and collaborators who will continue to increase accessibility of opportunities and resources in their community.

Teaching Schedule

Period 1: ELD 1A

Period 2: ELD 1B

Period 3: ENG 2H

Period 4: ENG 2H

Period 6: Yearbook 

  • Class Descriptions

    ELD 1

    4201 & 4203 – ELD 1 (CSF-III) Year Course. Beginning English language learners follow a whole language approach. All skills: reading, writing , listening , and speaking  are practiced, with an emphasis on reading and writing in ELD 1A (4201) and on listening and speaking in ELD 1B (4203). Activities are “hands on”, and materials include media such as: newspapers, magazines, music, videos, etc. Students work extensively in cooperative learning groups. Additional activities include the use of technology, games, cross-cultural awareness exercises and current events, and outside reading. Computers are used for word processing, speaking and listening exercises, and multimedia presentations.  Google Classroom is the central piece of technology that the teacher will use to communicate assignments, due dates, and grades. Students will master all mentioned academic skills through clear, organized learning strategies. This class meets for two periods each day (Periods 1-2). ELD 1A counts as English credit. ELD 1B counts as elective credit. Prerequisite: Identified students.

    English 2H

    4022 - English 2 Honors (CSF-I) Year Course. This advanced course expands on the objectives, issues, and values of English 2. Readings are extended beyond the regular core list for English 2, and students are expected to be self-motivated and reliable, to read and write at a high level of competence, to work both independently and collectively, and to initiate and share ideas. Summer reading and writing is required. Prerequisite: “A” both semesters of English 1 or a “B” both semesters English 1 Honors.


    4180 – Yearbook (CSF-III) Year Course. In this course, students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: page design, advanced publishing techniques, conducting interviews, copy writing, editing, photography and marketing/advertising strategies while producing a creative, innovative yearbook that records TCHS school memories and events. The class is structured in a reciprocal teaching style in which peers learn from each other under the direction of the student editor staff while the teacher supports and facilitates the students and models certain skills when necessary.

    Please refer to the specific class syllabus for details regarding assignments and due dates, reading texts, and grading. Parents and students can email the teacher to be invited to Google Classroom for class materials and weekly class updates. Email: Lalvarez@tcusd.net


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