Welcome to the Human Resources Department. Our primary goal is to provide outstanding service to our certificated, classified, and administrative staff who are responsible for the education of Temple City students.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating all programs related to human resources management including the recruitment, selection and evaluation of staff, the administration of employee health benefits, and retirement planning.

We are delighted to be able to serve the employees of Temple City Unified School District.


Dr. Tamar Kataroyan
Assistant Superintendent

Juris Burgos
Director Human Resources

Lucy Lin
Human Resources Technician

Lily Marquez
Human Resources Technician

Isaac Salazar
Human Resources Technician

Personnel at a Glance

Degrees above Bachelors of Arts/Science

Special Degrees 1
Master plus 30 25
Masters 117
Doctorate 4
  • Average years of Service = 16 Years
  • Average years in District = 15 Years

Staff Numbers

Total Employees: 1033

Certificated Employees: 273

Classified Employees: 251

Certificated and Classified Hourly Employees and Substitutes: 509

Wellness Staff

  • 13 Counselors
  • 7 Psychs
  • 1 District head nurse
  • 6 Site LVN

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