Reclassification Process

Reclassification Process 2023-2024

Students identified as English Learners are annually assessed in their acquisition of English through a variety of methods. The Reclassification Matrix identifies the 4 criteria that need to be met in order for a student to be identified as Reclassified-Fluent English Proficient. While the California Department of Education (CDE) defines the areas of the 4 criteria in Education Code 313 (f), districts have local control as to how some of the criteria 2-4 are measured. CDE has mandated criterion 1 of an overall ELPAC score of 4 as the minimum needed, but has currently left criteria 2-4 up to LEAs to define. TCUSD has developed the EL Reclassification Matrix as part of the EL Master Plan in conjunction with our DELAC and EL Coordinators.