The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Parent and District Advisory Committee (PAC/DAC) meets throughout the year to review the LCAP, annual update, and federal addendum.  The LCAP PAC/DAC Committee specifically reviews the TCUSD LCAP Goals and Actions along with the Services indicated to support the Goals.  The PAC/DAC also helps develop the annual update.

One key aspect of the LCAP process is the engagement of all stakeholders. Staff, teachers, administrators, bargaining partners, community members, parents/guardians and students — including foster youth, homeless, and those from low-income and English learner communities — are to be consulted to provide feedback on the plan.  TCUSD has an established LCAP Advisory Committee, as per California Education Code 52062 and 52063, to review and provide feedback on the LCAP through a collaborative process. The meetings of the LCAP Advisory Committee are open to the public. 



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