Payroll Services

Payroll is an important department that performs day to day staff management activities. The Payroll Department manages a list of employees within the District who receive remuneration of work carried out or services rendered to the District. The primary function of payroll is to assist a company in timely payment of staff wages and salaries. It also helps with other essential activities, such as income tax, unemployment tax, and social security.

Payroll documents are submitted and processed in a timely manner. All documents submitted by an employee or the Human Resource Department are collectively reflected in the Payroll Warrant Document summary that is submitted to the Board of Education at each Board of Education Meeting. This document includes all of the entire money paid to staff.


Yvonne Wong
Certificated Payroll

Classified Payroll
Phuong Phu (Katie)


At a Glance: 

Payroll Functions:

  • Conduct the District's remuneration strategy which may include; additional earnings, reimbursements, extra earnings, leaves, and deductions.
  • Calibrates detailed pay slips which provides a detailed breakdown of salary or wage.
  • Pay slips are used for paying salaries or wages.
  • Collate payroll-related inputs.
  • Determine actual remuneration for each employee.

Payroll Processing:

  • Human Resource Managers process employee information and employee identification number
  • Human Resource Managers update the negotiated salary increase formulas
  • Employee Timekeeping and Reporting Period
  • Approvals for Payroll
  • Select Payroll Schedule
  • Apply deductions, taxes, and withholdings
  • Calculate gross pay and net pay
  • Submitting of Payment Report to LACOE
  • Payroll recording and reporting

Payroll Outcomes:

  • All Payroll information is confidential
  • High quality security protocol and database
  • Create accurate district financial accounting
  • Create accurate employee financial accounting