Chemical Compliance

Proper chemical management prevents health and safety risks to students, school employees and the environment. Sanitization efforts are needed to keep all students, staff and our community safe and healthy by minimizing exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, and antigens.

Proper chemical dosages, utilization schedules and disposal is essential to increasing educational access, reducing exposure and decreasing unneeded liabilities and lawsuit expenses.

The chemicals used by TCUSD have been approved and on the EPA approved "N" list to decrease effects for individuals who suffer from asthma.

Chemicals also can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. Therefore TCUSD has developed sanitization schedules for all of our District locations and school sites in order to decrease exposure for all stakeholders. These sanitization schedules include the following; intermittent sanitization which is conducted routinely between users, daily sanitization which is conducted by highly qualified custodial staff and weekly deep sanitization also conducted by highly qualified custodial staff. Providing a multi-layered system of sanitization increases health and wellness by decreasing possible points of exposure and risk of transmission.

TCUSD's Commitment to Safety:

  • TCUSD has put in place an experienced leadership team to oversee chemical management, storage and handling activities.
  • Implement pollution prevention and green chemistry (safer alternatives) principles to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals at schools.
  • Establish an environmentally preferable purchasing policy and conduct periodic chemical inventories to identify hazards.
  • Train school personnel on hazardous chemicals management and safety.
  • Create an emergency response and spill clean-up plan.
  • Communicate with school personnel and students about the chemicals and products in the school.

Chemical Compliance 2019 PDFs

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