In our experience, our community and the many volunteers that serve our District are integrated into the core of what we do here at TCUSD. We greatly appreciate the extendsive volunteer hours that have been graciously donated and the abundance of support. As you know, the call to serve others is a gift and it is one that keeps perpetuations. With every act of service, kindness and support you are not only teaching everyone around you but you are inspiring those around you to do the same.

It is our goal and desire to foster strong community relations with our community leaders, volunteers and serve workers as we know the tremendous value that they bring to our students, staff, school sites and District at large.

It is also our goal to encourage volunteers to join our PTA, Foundation and instructional support efforts in order to strengthen the connection to our schools and District but to also strengthen the programming that we offer to our students. Our students and parents rely on our District and staff to provide the highest quality educational program but more so, we also fundamentally understand the need to provide the highest quality extra curricular activities for our students to live out their personal passions and pursue dreams.

Finally, we hope that this site serves to pay our deep respect to our community and volunteer service workers in addition to providing general resources, information and important links. We appreciate each and every contributor to TCUSD and thank you for your engagement, time, energy and effort that you have provided in order to help us maintain a high quality educational institution. We commend the work that you do and the nature with which you do it.


Mari Montgomery
Director of Enterprise and Risk Management


Marie Montero
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Or Mail to:
Marie Montero
Temple City USD - Attention: Superintendent's Office
9700 Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780