Interdistrict Transfer

  • For your interdistrict transfer request to be considered, a completed Permit Application and the documentation listed below must be received by the Business Services Office.

    1. Signed release from the student’s school district of residence
    2. Copy of student’s last report card received if in grades 4 – 12
      Note: Minimum 2.5 GPA is required. Final grades will also be reviewed.

    Students who have submitted a completed Permit Application and required documentation will be notified of their permit approval/disapproval after registration has been completed and the availability of space at each school has been determined. If space becomes limited, priority will be based on the order your packet was received.

    Children must be enrolled in their school district of residence in the event their permit is not approved. 

Allen Bill

  • California Education Code Section 48204(b) permits a school district to deem a pupil to have complied with the residency requirements for school attendance in the district if at least one parent/guardian of the pupil is physically employed within the boundaries of that district.

    For students whose parents physically work full-time within Temple City Unified School District boundaries.

    Submission Requirements:

    • Fill out the Allen Bill Transfer Request
    • Proof of employment or self-employment:
    • If parent/guardian is “physically” employed a minimum of 10 hours per week by an employer in a commercial space within Temple City Unified School District boundaries, appropriate documents are:
      1. A letter from the employer on company letterhead stating that you are “physically” employed in a commercial space with LCUSD boundaries and the number of hours worked per week; AND
      2. Copy of a current pay-stub.
    • If parent/guardian is a registered business owner with a physical business located within Temple City Unified School District boundaries and is “physically” employed a minimum of 10 hours per week in a commercial space, appropriate documents are:
      1. Copy of a commercial lease agreement;
      2. Copy of a business license; AND
      3. Copy of three (3) different current utility bills for the business. If utility bills are not available, acceptable documentation includes a telephone/cell phone bill, general liability insurance, and bank statement/credit card bill.


Student Release Instructions

  • To request a release from Temple City Unified School District, you must submit the following to the District Office:

    1. Completed Permit Application (Release)
    2. Parent/Guardian Identification
    3. Two (2) utility bills (if you are requesting a release for the first time only)
    4. If for employment reasons, please provide recent pay stub with employer name, address and phone number
    5. If for daycare reasons, please provide recent pay stub for each parent showing both parents are employed AND daycare provider name, address, phone number and signature

    Following a decision by the District representative, you may choose to pick up your transfer request or have it mailed to you.