• TCHS - AP Environmental Science

    Course Guidelines


    Instructor:  Scott Randles                  Room: 409

    Phone:  626 548-5040 ext. 1409                                 Conference Hour:  2nd Period

    email:  srandles@tcusd.net                       Tutoring:  Lunch

    Websites: Google Classroom

     Description:  AP Environmental Science provides a broad background on issues affecting our world today.  Content is focused on the natural sciences, but there are many social science facets to the APES curriculum.  The interconnectedness of our physical planet and its inhabitants is constantly reinforced through themes such as "there is no away" and "you can't do just one thing."  Students are strongly encouraged to take the AP Exam. Universities expect students to take the exam and most give college units for passing scores.  Many schools also consider scores in the admissions process.

    Grades:  Students keep all of their work (HW, labs, readings, etc.) in an interactive notebook, which accounts for 30% of their grade.  The remaining 70% is based on tests and quizzes.  The grade scale is as follows:

    92.5% - 100%  A 72.5% - 77.4%  C

    89.5% - 92.4%  A- 69.5% - 72.4%  C-

    87.5% - 89.4%  B+ 67.5% - 69.4%  D+

    82.5% - 87.4% B 62.5% - 67.4%  D

    79.5% - 82.4%  B- 59.5% - 62.4%  D-

    77.5% - 79.4%  C+ below 59.5%  F

     Class Rules:  Students are subject to the rules that are in force at TCHS.  Generally speaking, students will treat one another, the instructor and the classroom with respect.

     Students must be in their seats and prepared to do the work for the class at the beginning of the period.  A tardy becomes a truancy after 13 minutes.  Repeated attendance issues can result in disciplinary action including being dropped from the class with an “F” grade.

     TCHS expects honesty and integrity from all its students.  Always submit work that represents your original words or ideas.  If words or ideas used in class assignments do not represent your original ideas or words, you must cite all relevant sources.  All acts of cheating on assignments, plagiarism, forgery or falsification of data will result in a zero for the assignment in question and parent conference.  A second offense will result in an “F” and drop from the class.

     Full credit for late work will be granted for excused absences only.  For each day that an assignment is late, credit will be reduced by 33%.  Missed tests must be made up by arrangement the following week during the lunch period.  Missed quizzes are not made up and will not be factored into the overall grade.