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Ms. Angie Huang

Phone: (626) 548-5040 Room 407


Degrees and Certifications:

(2009) California State University, Fullerton Single Subject Teaching Credential: Biology Chemistry Geosciences (2002) University of California, Los Angeles Bachelors of Science in Physiological Science Minor in Anthropology Specialization in Business Administration

Ms. Angie Huang

Hello and welcome to Chemistry.  I have been teaching at Temple City High School as part of the Science Department since 2014.

I currently teacher Chemistry CP and Chemistry Honors.  This year I am using Aeries only for assignments and other course related content.  This is to ensure that parents are also able to access assignments and documents, which are attached to the respective assignments on Aeries.  If you are new to the district and do not have an Aeries account, please contact your school counselor for help getting a verification code for setting up an Aeries account.

Chemistry CP is a year-long course.  It is a study of the physical laws controlling chemical reactions of atoms, ions and molecules.  Students will observe basic principles in the laboratory and report the results through logically structured lab reports.  Use of Algebra and an understanding of graphing is an integral part of this course. This course satisfies TCUSD science requirement and satisfies both UC and CSU "D" requirements for admission as a laboratory science.  While it is my goal for all students to become scientifically literate in Chemistry and to appreciate and become lifelong learners in science, students will also be required to work on and improve their reading and writing skills, which is a school-wide focus and is crucial for the success of all students. 

Chemistry Honors is a year-long course that meets the UC and CSU "D" requirement for Laboratory Science. Honor Chemistry is specifically designed as a preparation for the AP Chemistry class here at Temple City High School.  It will cover more material than the Chemistry CP class and will move at a faster pace.  The mathematics needed for this course will also be more advanced. Students enrolled in this course will not be required to apply for AP Chemistry when the course is over.  However, if students do wish to apply for AP Chemistry, it is recommended that the student have at least a B+ (87.0% or higher) for both semesters of this course.

2019-2020 Schedule

0        Chemistry CP

1        Chemistry CP

2        Conference

3        Chemistry CP

4        Chemistry Honors

6        Chemistry CP





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